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When I discuss with political active people I often get labled with an idealogical group, depending on what we discuss. I hate that because I don’t want to be labelled, I feel I don’t fit within one group. I’m a bit of everything. :)

It was easier when we had the Geek code in the 90s, remember? I wish it was updated to we could start using it again. Heres an example, which can be decoded at here.

Version: 3.1
GCS/IT d()@>- s: a C(++++) ULC(++++) P+ L++ E W+++ N++ o K– w++ O+ !M !V PS+ PE Y++ PGP+ t 5+ X+ R+ tv b+ DI+ D+ G+ e++ h– r++ z?

I have no idea what to vote this time, I have 173 days to decide. Sometimes I wish we had 3 or 4 votes so we could spread them on the most fitting parties.

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