About me

Hi, I’m a 51 years old guy from Bergen, Norway. This site is like a sandbox for me. Here I can implement fun and interesting plugins, themes and functions, just for fun. Writing is also just for fun, it is a strickly private blog. My name Øyvind Lasse is an old norse name originally spelled Eyvindr. Ey means luck and vindr is warrior. A lucky warrior. 

Some norsemen in old time used it also to describe a person who always have strength to continue no matter what. Where Ei meant always, vindr meant breath/guts. 

My middle name Lasse is inherited from my father. His name is Lasse Nils, backwards in time my family on my father’s side always inherited names. In old time my ancestors we called the Lasse’s. 

In one period on the timeline they were stuck, with Nils Lasseson Høysæter and Lasse Nilsson Høysæter – this went on for 5 generations one time. Studying genealogy can be funny sometimes. It is nice to meet you, I’m Øyvind Lasse Høysæter. 

The blog is powered by Linux, Apache, Mysql, WordPress and ofcourse the many lovely plugins. I run several blogs on this machine, Green Colibri, Green Sandbox, The Hoysater Directory and some smaller ones. If you want to contact me, you can send an e-mail to oyvind at hoysater.no