Tourists on Fløy mountain

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We went to Fløy mountain yesterday to bbq, relax and enjoy the nice weather. My better half walked a different route while I was supposed to take the cablecar up since I had our daughter in a roller. But the line of tourists going up were hundreds of meter long so I decided to walk up. I kind of regretted it halfway, going up those steep hills with a toddler in a roller was though. But it felt good when we got to the top, I think my body needs more exercise. 🙂

We went up to Skomakerdiket, a small lake on the mountain and had a great time, bbq’ing pizza-rolls was incredible tasty.

There were lots of tourists up there, its a popular spot in Bergen. We’ve decided to to this next weekend to if the weather allows it.


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Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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