Monthly Archive: August 2010


I love driving

Theres so much beautiful to see when driving, sometimes I set the camera to autoshoot dosens of photos when driving through nice sceneries. Heres from a short ride this weekend.


Checking the ice thickness

I am scanning old photos and this one from 1991 or 92 brought back lots of memories. That day we were checking the security on the Pasvik river (between Norway and Russia) and how...


A bit silly today

Am I the only one who think media finds the stranges photos of people when they are trying to ridicule them? If I’m right I think this is sad, but then again.. a bit...


Cycling the The Navvies Road

It was time for a trip with the sports school this weekend and this time we were cycling the Navvies Road (Rallarvegen) from Finse to Flåm. 1222 meters over the ocean to 2 meters,...

My blog-database crashed 4

My blog-database crashed

All was going well with my blog but there was something I wanted to do. But I managed to crash my database, I rendered it completely useless. A while ago my photoblog crashed and...