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Årets verste nyord

Sarah utfordret oss i dag med å finne årets verste / mest pinlige nyord for 2020. Gode nominasjoner hagler inn. Jeg har prøvd å lage en avstemning utifra nominasjonene på Twitter. Skal prøve å...

Pepperkake F35 fly 0

Ginger F35 fighters

When our government posted a cozy Instagram baking ginger F35-fighters people went crazy calling it blasphemy. At the same time Obama requested help from Norway in Syria – so I took the liberty of...

ducks - ender 0

Ducks – No f given

There was an event in the park Nygårdsparken the other day, due to a lot of rain and lots of people the area was wore out. They set up this to prevent people for...

rafting bergen 1

If I were a city-planner

The nice thing with living in one of the richest country in the world is that it is possible to create what infrastructure you want that can make a better living for people and...


Enderman ruining house

Enderman – I made this one in Paint.Net, I couldn’t resist. Have I played Minecraft too long thinking this? Heres one by Helmindarn: Enderman Halloween costume: