Category: humor


Beggar with pay terminal

Last night the police in Asker, Norway got a call from a woman saying she had a beggar on her door with a pay terminal. She thought the man from Uganda were a student...


April fools day disadvantages

I find it funny when VG, a Norwegian newspaper, writes about the earliest Christian writing in existence, the 2000 years old book found in Jordan people think it is an april fool – isn’t...


Twitter of the day

My favorite Twitter today was this one: ” The computer asks, ‘Do you trust this printer’. Hello? Of course not. ” Ok I’m a nerd… but I thought it was awesome. 🙂



Seen at Finnegan’s Irish Pub in Bergen, Norway. Anyone care to explain?


The Ylvis 4 dress rehearsal

The Ylvis brothers are my favorite comedians here in Norway, they are good at everything, singing, doing tricks, acrobatics, sketches, character parody, playing instruments – they are incredible. I was lucky to go to...


Pallet stroke

Typos are fun and I see them often out there. I should be careful mocking them though since I often do this myself. This was was funny though, when some store setup a sale...