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Eksingedal 1

Easter in Eksingedalen

We’ve had a great easter in Eksingedalen, long skitour and lovely weather. The obligatory skitrip with my brother in-law is always amazing, the views are breathtaking. I don’t have my iphone anymore to take...


View from my parents’ house

Its always a pleasure visiting my pleasure, though not only because of the view. 🙂 I’ve taken hundreds of photos of this view, during childhood and every time I visit them. The mountain is...


Tuesday background part 2

Lonelywolf2 at DeviantArt has lots of awesome photos from different parts of the world, here is one from Hjelle in Norway: Check out his gallery here, or his website.


Misty morning drive

I tried to capture the mist the other day, I wish I had a cam stabilizer. 🙂 (Human Race (Rob Hubbard) – remix by DHS)


Cycling the The Navvies Road

It was time for a trip with the sports school this weekend and this time we were cycling the Navvies Road (Rallarvegen) from Finse to Flåm. 1222 meters over the ocean to 2 meters,...


A quick walk on Lyderhorn

A friend of mine and I took a quick walk on Lyderhorn last Wednesday, I took a few shots with my phone. I love the view up there. Lyderhorn was a gathering location for...