Category: Scenery


Cold days

We’ve been below 0 (celcius) for several weeks now – I love it, its much better than snow one day and rain the other. I need to take more shots before it goes away....


Winter morning

Back to work, today we’re packing our stuff at work, we’re moving to a new location. But I always have time to take a few photos. 🙂


Sledging day at Fløi Mountain

Lots of the snow is washed away but long ago we planned to go up to Fløi Mountain and sledge down. We ended up taking the funicular two times, it was a blast. Heres...


A daytrip to Austevoll

We traveled to our family place today to find a nice Christmas tree, Elin and me decided to postpone it to next weekend because the two eldest kids couldn’t join us. But we tagged...


Celebrating 1st advent Sunday

We decided to take the funicular up to the Fløy Mountain today to celebrate first advent – it came early, to be honest I thought it was next Sunday. The “candle” were lit to...


On my way to Sweden

I saw this one at the airport this morning, wonder what plane it was. This entry was submitted via my mobile phone and Lifeblog.


Skywatch Friday – Autumn skies

View of Fyllingsdalen where I grew up. This is one of my favourite views – I never get tired of taking pictures of it. Its taken from my mom and dad’s house last Sunday....