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Memories from the past

When I saw this piece of art I got tears in my eyes, its so beautiful and it instantly set me years back – back in the 80s and 90s when I sat in...


Making brick-laying easier

I saw this via Forced Green and have to share it, isn’t this awesome? The city counsel in Bergen where I live has set a rule that all roads in the city center must...


Wikileaks need your help

Wikileaks is under heavy attack and need your help, do you have a server you can setup for mirroring? More info here: Wikileaks Mass mirror Today there are 507 who have set up mirroring...


Life on or near Gliese 581 g?

I love exciting findings in space, especially the news about Gliese 581 g which might be habitable for humans. Whats more fun is theories exploding after the news comes out – like the debate...


On our road to Skynet

I love science fiction and its technology, it triggers my fantasy and it is incredible to see experience that technology has no limits. Like in movies as Terminator, Aliens, I Robot, Bicentennial Man, Running...

My blog-database crashed 4

My blog-database crashed

All was going well with my blog but there was something I wanted to do. But I managed to crash my database, I rendered it completely useless. A while ago my photoblog crashed and...


The future bus

I love China’s will to invent and explore, here is the new bus soon ready for testing in Beijing. Link to article on


Why Apple wins

No matter how proprietary Apple’s systems can be they win. Most people don’t mind that they can run better software on the hardware, like Opera for instance, they just love Apple products. The iPad...