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A snowy, windy and rainy weekend

It has been a wet weekend, rain and snow and then rain again. Though the weather wasn’t very inviting our eldest one went on a mountain-trip with the boy scouts, they stayed up there...


Finally more snow

Its finally snowing again, but I want more – this is not enough. 🙂 Its been cold lately all over Europe, minus 25,3 degrees celcius in Sweden (Kalmar), minus 32,7 in Norway (Tynset), it...


Time for ice crystals

There are lots of nice motives out there in this cold, my favorite time is when the sun is about to set. I took these today outside the office.


The first snow

It started snowing yesterday, finally! I look forward to a long a white winter. 🙂 Its chaos on the roads today though, there are lots of people who haven’t changed to winter tires yet....


Fun with HDR

I took these the other morning, I tried to capture the nice sky. This one is without HDR: Here is one where I merged to images via a HDR app:


View from my parents’ house

Its always a pleasure visiting my pleasure, though not only because of the view. 🙂 I’ve taken hundreds of photos of this view, during childhood and every time I visit them. The mountain is...


Misty morning drive

I tried to capture the mist the other day, I wish I had a cam stabilizer. 🙂 (Human Race (Rob Hubbard) – remix by DHS)


I love driving

Theres so much beautiful to see when driving, sometimes I set the camera to autoshoot dosens of photos when driving through nice sceneries. Heres from a short ride this weekend.