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Distributed Computing (DC) projects that I’m currently active in :

  • Seti at home (my favourite) (BOINC)
  • Einstein at home (my 3rd priority project) (BOINC)
  • Rosetta at home (my 2nd priority project) (BOINC)
  • Climate Prediction (my 4th priority project) (BOINC)
  • Project Neuron (semi active, just testing the project) (BOINC)
  • MalariaControl (semi active, just testing the project) (BOINC)
  • Majestic-12 (Semi active, running it once in a while) (non-BOINC)
  • Dimes (background project, since its very light I install it on all my computers) (non-BOINC)
  • Folding@Home (semi active, just testing the project) (non-BOINC)

My stats on Boinc-projects :

Boinc stats

My stats in Team Norway :

My Free-DC stats

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