Back from Cyprus

We’re home from two weeks in awesome Cyprus, we’ve grown quite fond of it and decided to go here this year as well. It was hotter this time but still two great weeks. We decided to go to Paramount Hotel near Protaras and Fig Tree Bay, a cozy hotel with great swimming pools. Though we spent most time on different beaches since our little one has problems with her ears.

Cyprus has changed since last time though, it has become seriously expensive, I think the Euro has ruined a lot for tourists. Paying €10 for 4 cups of Cola at the hotel isn’t very attractive and I’m afraid we might look for other places to go next time. Theres something else as well, the politeness we were used to is fading away, is it due to the conflict with Turkey’s illegal occupying more and more of the country? When we enter a native Cypriot shop we see the politeness as we’re used too but when we enter a Turkish shop it is a whole different world. Oh well, the beaches are still nice and the public transport system is still much better than here in Norway and we still me a lot of great people who takes a stance for Cyprus and what it believes in.

The crew at Paramount was great too, especially Yannis who were a great sport and gentleman – he were always smiling and doing a great job.

Beside going to the beach we took The Pirate Ship trip, Camel Park, the big market near Larnaca, amusement park in Aya Napa, Waterworld and a few nights at the hotel with entertainment. Mimi is still awesome.

An example of how hot it was:

A typical Aya Napa bay:

The view from our hotel:

Somehow we often end up on the stage (me on the left):

They made me a birthday cake! :) (which was very good)

From the Pirate trip, he looked a lot like Jack:

Heres is a shop I’ll never enter again, everyone is followed around in here and treated as a criminal: (Aphrodite Shop in Aya Napa)

From visiting the Camel park:

Awesome light/water-show in Protaras:

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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  1. Emm says:

    Wow – it looks great and your photos are amazing! 35°c in the shade???? Lovely! It is a pity that prices are rising and standards dropping. I guess that is why I don’t often holiday to the same places twice – it is often disappointing on the second run.

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