17 days in Alcudia

We had to escape Norway this summer to get some sun, in a hurry we found a room in Port Alcudia, in the Balearenes. Cheap and close to the beach and restaurants. We rented an apartment at Bellevue Club, a large complex near the city centre. Since we knew what we were coming to we didn’t mind the old standard and quality of service. We just needed beds to retire in and a kitchen to prepare breakfast. We also felt safe at all time, since there were a lot of English at the hotel, there were always police and ambulance around us. 🙂

View from our apartment:

Bellevue Club - view

view from Bellevue Club

Channels separating center-blocks:

Port Alcudia - cozy channel

Port Alcudia - bridge

Port Alcudia - horse taxi

There was an Indian restaurant at the channel, great food and great service:

Alcudia - channel

Obligatory icecreams at Julio Helados:

Icecream - Julio

Icecream - Julio

Obligatory skin-nibbling fish, a fun experience!

turkish fish

Obligatory selfies:


Obligatory hotel entertainment, a group of students from Holland and Denmark:

Entertainment - Underholdning

Obligatory mosquito-bites itch-killer:

anti-itch mosquito

Every evening parachuters took usage of the incoming wind:



Alcudia - beach

Alcudia - beach

Alcudia - beach

Port Alcudia - beach


We miss Lidl here in Norway, so when we have the chance we visit. We rented a funny bike and took a ride to Lidl Alcudia:


Palms - palmer

We also visited Caves of Drach

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