Our Summer Holiday so far

This year we decided to go camping and the kids looked forward to it. We didn’t know exactly where we would go but at least visit a few amusementparks, I also wanted to go to a casino, where slotzo games were available. We first headed towards Kongeparken in Stavanger, the sea-way with Fjord1.


We set up camp in Kongeparken Camping, a simple but super place. We stayed there for three days. A few minutes drive to Vaulen Beach from there.

Kongeparken camping

We had a great time in Kongeparken

Polehunting in Ålgard
Stolpejakten Ålgård

Then we went south to Kristiansand and set up camp in Roligheden Camping – a pearl with a beautiful place to bath. The camp itself was a bit torn down, last refurbished in 1981.

Roligheden Camping

Roligheden Camping

Dyreparken i Kristiansand Zoo

Nordic animals in the warm weather were seeking shelter in the shadows
Dyreparken i Kristiansand

Norwegian giraffe
Norsk Giraff


Abra Harbour
Abra Havn

After the zoo we needed to chill down and have a bath so we aimed for Bø Summerland, a great amusing park in Telemark. On the way we found a fun place to stay over in Drangedal. An old school rebuilt as a Bed and Breakfast. That was a great experience and a short drive to Bø Summerland.

The kids had lots of fun all day in the great weather. When we came back to Henseid School later they took a swim again in a nearby lake. Magical days.

We forgot to take photos in Bø, I just found a snap I saved. 🙂

Since we now had visited Kongeparken, Kristiansand Zoo and Bø Summerland we thought we might as well visit Tusenfryd near Oslo – a large amusing park.

We set up our tent in Ekeberg Camping near Oslo, the camp used for Norway Cup. 🙂 A beautiful place with a view of Oslo city. The staff there is incredibly nice and the whole place has a nice and relaxing atmosphere. We’re getting trained tent-pitchers now, this is what we manage to setup before the kids got out of the car. 🙂

Ekeberg Camping

Ekeberg Camping

Ekeberg Camping

Only our middle-princess dared to take this one

Fun to see Asgeir again in Burnout stuntshow

The boss of all bosses – Asgeir


Burnout stuntshow

Speedmonster is the thoughest rollercoaster I’ve ever tried, Thundercoaster was fun too

And then we went back to camp and rested

Ekeberg Camping

Also some time for polehunting again and a trip through the park

Stolpejakten Nordstrand




Before we went northwest again we visited Oslo and =Kaffe for great coffee.

We split the trip home in half and stayed at Liodden Camping for a night, it has risen from its death! A cozy place with lovely surroundings.

Liodden Camping

Liodden Camping


Eid Pride


Two fantastic weeks in tent (and some cabin) – 1300 kilometer driving. 🙂

Bergen – Kongeparken Stavanger
Kongeparken – Roligheden Kristiansand
Roligheden – Henseid Skole i Drangedal
Telemark – Ekeberg
Ekeberg – Tusenfryd
Oslo Bergen

Up next: Austevoll

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