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Back from Cyprus

We’re home from two weeks in awesome Cyprus, we’ve grown quite fond of it and decided to go here this year as well. It was hotter this time but still two great weeks. We...


Weekend trip with 29 kids

I’ve had a great weekend. Once again we travelled with the sport school to Kvamskogen to ski. As usual the kids were looking forward to spend the night at the hut we use to...


Kickoff in Berlin

Once again we had a successful kickoff, this time in Berlin. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the history – its a pity that they’ve cleaned out most of...


A daytrip to Myrkdalen

Last week Joakim and i visited Myrkdalen, a two hour drive up in the mountains, a great ski resort which its guarantied to have snow during winters. This was January 23.. I am way...


A viking market on our way

On our way home we passed a huge viking market, a lot of people look forward to this event every year. In 2014 they are going to start building a permanent viking village here....


Visiting Vassfaret Bear park

A few days ago we visited Vassfaret Bear Park near Flå. The park covers 95 acres (380 decares) of land. Approximately 13 acres (50 decares) are alotted to the large animals, the elk and...


Visiting Stockholm

I visited Stockholm in Sweden yesterday to do some work, I also hoped to snap some photos of the beautiful city. But I guess many of you will recognize the selection of photos I...


Kickoff in Sweden

We stayed in Sälen, Sweden this weekend where I attended my first Kickoff with our new owners, over 90 new colleagues to say hello to, which I enjoyed a lot. They were fantastic! Sälen...

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I think I love mountains Submitted with Lifeblog and N82.