windows 7 flip screen

My daughter found a new keyboard shortcut

windows 7 flip screen

The other day I wasn’t quick enough to prevent my daughter pressing some keys on my laptop, suddenly the screen rotated and I had no idea how she did it, I tried to reboot but it kept the settings. I struggled to find via the menus how to rotate back as I’m not used to Windows 7 nor using shortcuts for this but I finally found it and rotated it back.

I was curious what she had pressed and found out that she had held down ctrl and alt while pressing the arrow-keys – as if she did this on purpose. She had a large grin on her face while doing it.

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  1. Well,windows 7 have a lots of easy to use shortcuts mostly for laptops/netbooks,and if you want some tips just let me know :) By the way,my 4yo boy does that all the time pressing the keys while having a big smile on his face.

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