I think I love mountains
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  1. nicole avatar

    Oh, that’s lovely :)!
    Glad you are back online!

  2. oyvind avatar

    Hi Nicole thanks! 🙂 I was so thrilled about the view and struggle to capture it. It was so strange, it reminded me of some mountains in South Africa.

  3. Peter Korkala avatar

    That’s a great photo, Øyvind! I love mountains, and specially fell (fjäll)!

    This is my first visit here, but I will definitely return!

    I saw the photo of the crashed Volvo C70 down here – the guy were very lucky!

  4. oyvind avatar

    Hi Peter thanks for visiting me! You have great photos as well, I’ve added you on my readinglist. 🙂

    Yeah they were extremely lucky, Volvo is safe! hehe

  5. Peter Korkala avatar

    Thanks Øyvind! I don’t have that many photos on my blog yet, but if you visit me swedish blog (.se instead of .com) there are more of my photos. But I’m going to republish the best ones on my .com too!

    The photo in this post, is it from your neighborhood?

  6. chorva avatar

    looking at this picture, i feel like i’m a character in the TV series Lost 🙂

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