New spamfighter.

There is a new spamfighter in town, Karabunga’s Defensio is now up and running – proudly announced today by Carl Mercier, Mat Balez and Camilo Lopez. Located in an old tobacco factory just outside Montreal in Canada the small group is going to change our world in small but important ways. Looking at what Balez, Lopez and Mercier has been doing lately I bet we’re going to see more interesting stuff from these guys.

Defensio is easily installed in WordPress, latest version 2.3.1 of WordPress works fine with Defensio. Remeber to Deactivate Akismet. I stumbled upon Defensio because I had problem running Akismet on WordPress 2.3.1.

With Defensio we also get fancy statistics like this :


More graphics where my stat starts to populate. 🙂

Uploaded by montrealtechwatch

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