A new era for our daughter

I tried not to think too much about it because I didn’t look forward to it, I had lots of mixed feelings for leaving our daughter in the kindergarten. I thought it was way too early, shes only 14 months – she is brand new! My greatest fear was to leave her there before she started to walk, and I almost had nightmares about the call from the kindergarten – ‘your daughter is walking!’. Luckily she started walking a few months ago, that was awesome. Now she runs.

But life is harsh and we have no choice, the kindergarten left us no choice either. She were supposed to start January next year but they had to fill a spot to get their annual economic government support and they asked us nicely if our daughter could start December. They couldn’t guarantee us a spot next month if we said no and we would have to start all over again applying.

I was extremely curious on how she would react in the new environment, though I knew she would have some idea since she have an older brother and sister. So on Monday this week it all started, her new way of life. We walked to the door and went inside, before I managed to get her shoes off she went straight to the other kids – sat down and started to play. As if she’d been there for ages! That was extremely fun to watch. We were there for a few hours, the first three days is kind of a test drive where she gets the chance to adapt slowly. She had a great time, the other kids responded well to her as well and shared toys, babbling away and showing her how things worked.

It hurt a bit as well though, because I’ve been getting used to spend a lot of time with her and now it became more clear to me how it will be when shes not around. Thoughts are flying around in my mind, many good ones since I see that she already loves being there and its important for her to learn about interaction with others, but also I have also bad conscience for inserting her into the kindergarten so early.

Its been a couple of days now and when we come to get her she raises up and jumps us while smiling and laughing, that is extremely fun, I guess that is a good thing as well – that she will appreciate us more. lol… just kidding. I’m getting more and more comfortable having her there, she kind of glow in a new way when shes in there playing with the kids and I think she loves learning new stuff there.

A plus is also that its a relative small kindergarten, in her section there is only 8 kids, all in her age. I am glad we didn’t have to use one of the large ones where the adults never learn their name. I think this help her developing identity. And the ones who work there are great and very good with kids, we noticed that the first day.

Tomorrow will be her first full day in there, I hope it works out fine. Emma, if you read this post in the future – I hope you’ve forgiven mommy and daddy for placing you in the kindergarten that early. 🙂 *hugs*

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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  1. Debbie Lane says:

    I used to run nursery schools around the US, (I was the VP of a national chain of centers). I can tell you that mom and dad suffer much more at the separation than the little ones do. They are socializing, learning, exploring, and all out exhausting themselves. A small adult child ratio is great and if she is happy when you arrive, fantastic! There may be days she doesn’t want to leave as well, be prepared to stay and play.

    You are such a wonderful daddy, I admire that.

    Debbie Lane’s last blog post..The Fantasy Of Perfection

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh, I can only try to understand how it must feel to see your Baby there.
    But like you say, I think it is good for her, especially being in a good environment like that.
    With friendly kids and open adults.
    Wishing you the Best!

  3. nicole/inspire says:

    Oh Atrais, I feel for you! It is really hard to part from your child when they first start daycare or school. It does get better.

    *hugs atrais*

    nicole/inspire’s last blog post..Daily Political News Round-Up – Friday, December 5, 2008

  4. Margaret says:

    It’s tough watching them grow up. And then they are adults with kids of their own and you still think of them as little and needing your hand to walk down the sidewalk.

    I love what my boys have accomplished with their lives. I’m very proud of them and you will have a lot of things to be proud of your daughter for along the way as she grows up. Don’t mourn too long the passing of her childhood, but rejoice in her emergence as a person in her own right — one that you have both nurtured and raised with love and care.


    Margaret’s last blog post..The Fire Ants and the Dog Show — a Parable

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