A beautiful day at Furedalen

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We went to Furedalen, Kvamskogen today to ski and we had a lovely day. Its only an hour drive from home, for me it is a pearl real near us. It was quite windy at the top though, we had to struggle a bit to get started downwards, but that was only fun. The sight were much better today, no mist at all and the sun peaked through once in a while.

I tried to capture the wind but that wasn’t easy :

The only downside with doing this is the price, we payed about $100 for two persons, I think that is too expensive but I guess it costs a lot to keep the alpine center in shape. Its kind of worth it though, I love going up the lifts enjoying the scenery and slalom creates a kind of freedom feeling.

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Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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