Is this fair play? Double moral in football

I am not a dedicated football fan but I like to tend a game once in a while and sometimes watch the matches on TV. Yesterday my local team played the quarter-final in our national cup where a situation made the whole country explode. Our keeper injured his leg in an accident earlier in the match but he continued. Later in the game this happened :

What would you do if you were the attacker. Would you stop? Many thinks he breaks the Fair Play rule, but all of them are unwritten. Who decides what to be Fair Play or not? I think its unfair to judge the attacker, I bet he would be hated by his own if he stopped the game. The referee didn’t have time to blow the whistle until the attacker scored.

When I see a match I hate it when the players grab the opponents clothes or uses hand-tricks hidden from the referee to stop an attack. The players doesn’t seem to be willing to play fair anyway so why do we suddenly judge some of the cases?

This is how many wanted him to do it :

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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