Ram stuck in phone cable 6 meter above

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this and I felt the urge to share it. Yesterday this male sheep (Ram?) tried to get over a fence by climbing a support cable near a phone/power pole. Somehow he managed to get his horn stuck on the main cable and slid onto it. Suddenly he was hanging 6-7 meters above the ground.

(Foto: Marita Vestersjø Landsnes)

The poor guy had no chance to get down, but luckily a group of German tourists noticed him and started a rescue operation. After a while with a lot of work they managed to fasten a rope to one of his horns and pulled him down via a cable.

(Foto: Marita Vestersjø Landsnes)

On the other side of the fence there were a group of sheeps, no wonder he was so desperate getting over. 🙂

It reminded me of this :


Edit : They added later that the owner wasn’t home yesterday when this happened.

Link to the article in Norwegian : Stavanger Aftenblad

Update May 18th, 2011 – it has happened again!

Photo: Colin Campbell

Link to the story (in Norwegian): VG: Ram stuck in tv-cable

It happened again! June, 2011:

Link to the story; in Norwegian: Nordhordaland: Vêr i hardt vêr

Links to other unlucky animals : The moose who got stuch 50 feet in the air!

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  1. Hege says:

    Stakkar!!!!! Sikkert mang dyr som henger slik rundt omkring. 🙁

  2. Rune says:

    Stakkars figur, håper det gikk bra! Noe slikt har jeg ikke sett før…
    .-= Rune´s last blog ..Dramatisk for Firefox =-.

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