Norwegians in Eurovision 2010 announced

Time has changed and I can relate more and more to the music in Eurovision. The list of Norwegian contestants have been released and I am happy to see Julian Berntzen, he will be my favourite. I’m not very found of the other ones. 🙂

I think Julian will be great, I look forward to hear Rewind Love.

This is one of my favourites of Julian:

Here is the list:

Rewind Love
Lyrics og music: Julian Berntzen

Life Is Here Today
Lyrics and Music: Arne Hovda

The Best Of Me Is You
Lyrics and Music: Arne Hovda, Hans Petter Aaserud og Heine Totland

Jealous Cause I Love You
Lyrics: Alexander Kronlund og Laila Samuelsen
Music: Alexander Kronlund, Laila Samuelsen og Lukas Hilbert

Make My Day
Lyrics and Music: Merethe La Verdi

Give It To Me
Lyrics and Music: Alexander Stenerud

Don’t Stop
Music: Mariann Thomassen og Lars Erik Westby
Lyrics: Mariann Thomassen

Be Good To Me
Lyrics and Music: Tommy La Verdi og Peter Ställmark

Don’t Want To Loose You Again
Lyrics and Music: Ben Adams, Mark Read, Christian Ingebrigtsen, David Eriksen

I’ll Take You High
Lyrics and Music: Mira Craig

Barracks On The Hill
Lyrics: Olaf Øwre
Music: Fred Endresen

Tokyo Night
Lyrics and Music: Aggie Peterson

Million Dollar Baby
Lyrics and Music: Robin Nordahl, Frode Andersen og Gerard James Borg

My Heart Is Yours
Lyrics and Music: Hanne Sørvaag og Fredrik Kempe

European Girl
Music: Matias Tellez
Lyrics: Håkon Njøten og Axel Vindenes

Lyrics and Music: Elisabeth Carew og Thomas Eriksen

Synk eller svøm
Lyrics and Music: Gaute Ormåsen, Laila Samuelsen og Kim Bergseth

The Dragontower
Komponist: Arnt Obsidian Grønbech
Lyrics: Arnt Obsidian Grønbech, Torbjørn Schei, Vegar Larsen og Robin Isaksen

Yes Man
Lyrics and Music: Simone Larsen, Simen Eriksrud og Bjørn Johan Muri

The Touch
Lyrics and Music: Rolf Løvland

Lyrics: Lene Alexandra Øien, Jarl Aanestad og Simon Walker
Music: Lene Alexandra Øien og Jarl Aanestad

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