A small trip to the Fløi mountain

We walked up and down Fløi Mountain today, that was a bit though with the roller but all exercise is good exercise. Our little one walked a bit once in a while to stretch her leg. We looked forward to test our new storm kitchen as well.

On the way up it was misty, many tourists waited until it lifted I think before they went up the funicular.

Heres the new storm kitchen, it was awesome and the pancakes were done in a flash.

The view of Bergen city on our way down.

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

Born in 1971, fell in love with computing in 1983 because of Sinclair's masterpieces. Continued on the magic surrounding the C64, Amiga and moved to the PC world in 1990. Loves science fiction, programming, astronomy, my family and my job. (developer) :)

4 Responses

  1. FishHawk says:

    It sure looks like a beautiful area to visit, and to maybe even stay for a while!

  2. Mountain Biking Tips says:

    based on picture above, i see that the trail is perfect for mountain biking,.
    is it allowed to ride a mountain bike inside the area?
    btw, i like your stove.
    where did you get that.?

    • oyvind says:

      Its allowed and kind of encouraged. Though you need solid tires for both large and small rocks. The rain does its job on the road. And I recommend a configurable fork for the comfort. 🙂

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