Birds and fish die all over the world

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Its been gross to read about all the birds and fish dying all over the world, I hope they figure it out. I remember this happened in 2009 as well though but I can’t remember what caused it. I’m posting this for myself, to list the incidents, but you’re welcome to add to it or discuss it. I searched for birds falling from sky and found a lot, almost every year this happens.

Update 06.01: I’ve added crabs to the list, pretty weird, but I don’t think it has anything to do with what happened to the birds..


23.10.2010 – Bolshoi Dzendzik Island, Ukraina, 1500 dead birds found (Rian)
23.12.2010 – Kagoshima, Japan, dozens of dead birds (NYT)
28.12.2010 – Catalina, USA, over 100 dead pelicans found. (CNT)
31.12.2010 – Beebe, Arkansas, USA, several thousand dead birds (VG, AGFC)
03.01.2011 – Louisiana, USA, several hundre dead birds (WAFB)
05.01.2011 – Falköping, Sverige, several hundred (some say dozens) dead birds. (VG, AB)
05.01.2011 – Gilbertsville, Kentucky, USA, several hundred dead birds (DM)

27.12.2010 – Dominican Republic, Haiti, scores of dead fish found (France24)
29.12.2010 – Arkansas River, UA, over hundred thousand fish dead (AGFC)
30.12.2010 – Parana, Brasil, over hundred tons of dead fish (PO)
03.01.2011 – Talfourd Creek, Canada – Several hundred dead fish (TO)
04.01.2011 – Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, hundreds of dead fish found (NZH)

06.01.2010 – Thanet, England, 40000 crabs found dead (TS)

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