Wonderful Northug – a hated athlete

Northug is probably the best athlete ever in Norway but many hate his appearance, people think hes cocky and have a mood like a bouncing ball. I think there is a code to break though, and when you break it you find an awesome man with a warm humor. People shouldn’t judge him too quickly. I found a few funny YouTube clips where he imitates well known persons in Norway. I think they show a lot of Petter Northug. Their in Norwegian though… I’m not sure if this is interesting at all but… that is the downside of writing posts in both Norwegian and English. 🙂

Immitating Oddvar Brå

Immitating Nils Gunnar Lie


A comedian, Kristian Valen imitates Petter Northug


Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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