Capturing an earthquake on a long exposure photo

issfromnewzealandI envy people who live in parts where ISS once in a while is visible to the eye. The space station has orbited between 330 to 435km up since 2000 and has been manned all the time since then.

On November 1st The International Space Station was visible from New Zealand, Tim set out to capture a long-exposure shot of ISS passing. It turned out great! He noticed something strange though when he zoomed in, notice the “curls” here?


At first I thought he moved his tripod by accident or somehow caused a movement but guess what – he recorded an earthquake!

At the same moment he started taking the photos people reported about the earthquake:

And then on the GeoNet and news:


Isn’t that incredible? What a fun coincident!

Photo is used here with permissions from Tim.

More Photos from Tim on Instagram:


Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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