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Flood in Bergen

The water level on the west coast was extremely high tonight, I took a trip to the city center to watch tonight.

bilde av tre med blomster på i nygårdsparken 0

Spring is here

Finally the spring is here. Though winter wasn’t though this time its always good to be reset by green grass and flowers.


Easter 2018 in Eksingedalen

Det er påske igjen! I år ble vi også invitert til Eksingedalen av svogeren min og kona – de har et fantastisk sted i fjellet nær Gullbrå og Myrkdalen, så vi fikk hjelp fra...


Happy new year!

Happy new year! 2016 was quite a year! Better hold on tight on the spinning planet and prepare for a new one! A lot of weird happenings are in line for us. 🙂


Summercamp in Croatia

I am so behind on posting updates its getting silly. But fun for me to look through photos I’ve taken and get reminded of the wonderful trips I’ve been allowed to take. Here are...