Stikkord: fartsgrense

  • 110 km/h in Oslo|Gjerne 110 km/t for min del men

    [lang_en]A party in Norway want to increase our speed limits to 110 km/h on certain roads. These roads are in the area of Oslo ofcourse, the unfortunate cities around Norway don’t have the same standard as Oslo. Oh well, I’m not sure if I would dare driving on roads with 110, observing drivers to and […]

  • Norwegians shouldn’t drive|Nordmenn kan ikke trafikkreglene

    [lang_en]I’ve been annoyed by Norwegians in traffic for a long time. Most Norwegians don’t know the different traffic signs, especially the ones limiting the speed, they think the sign means ‘recommended speed’ and adds 10-15 Km/t because they are such good drivers. Since my speedomeeter displays 5-6 km/t higher than I really drive I usually […]