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25 05, 2015

To work together in traffic

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In all years different groups in traffic have had problems coexisting. When the car came horse-transport had to think new, when the tram came cardrivers and pedestrians had to readjust. Cyclers has been there all the time – why is it that they are the ones ending up getting all the problems? The number of

17 09, 2010

Car with lovely design

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This design is awesome, I wish I had the guts to do something like this with my car. I asked biabarida who took the photo for permission to post it here and he said ofcourse! This guy drives around in Hedmark I think, have anyone else seen him? 🙂 Or similar cars?

27 12, 2009

Silly car owners

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Many silly drivers out there today, there is snowchaos in Norway today and lots of people get into trouble. In my opinion theres no wonder why, as long as there are silly people like this one out there:

11 06, 2008

Car branding

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When you buy a car, do you ponder about the ads on it? The carbrand itself and all the stickers and text here and there? How much do you get for it? What is the value? You get nothing? The carbrand itself I understand, but why do we let the ones who earn billions on