Flagburning finally legal|Flaggbrenning endelig lovlig


Tomorrow will be a great day for many, the law against burning other contries flags will be removed by the government in Norway. Finally. Its already legal to burn the Norwegian flag but many have wanted to burn others.

I am a bit concerned though, how will the air become to breath in when many people burn flags all day?

I have not yet decided which flags to burn first, am I allowed to burn the Sami flag? It would be fun to burn the Japanese, American, Russian and the Swedish flag, but they cost a lot of money. I thought once of starting a webshop to sell flags and gasolin, a kind of celebration-package for bored people. But I think I would get in trouble to transport gasolin via Posten.

Happy flagburning day!

Source (in european) : Ænn Err Kå, and an article in English.


I morgen blir en stor dag for mange, loven mot å brenne utenlandske flag blir endelig fjernet av Stortinget. Fra før er det lov å brenne det norske men det er vel ikke sååå kjekt.

Jeg er litt bekymret, hvordan vil det bli å puste ute når alle driver å brenner flagg hele dagen?

Jeg har ikke bestemt meg ennå for hvilket flag jeg har lyst til å brenne først, har jeg forresten lov til å brenne sameflagget? Det hadde vært moro å brenne det japanske, amerikanske, russiske og kanskje det svenske, men de koster mye penger.

Å starte en e-butikk som solgte flagg og bensin hadde vært artig, produkter som feks en feiringspakke for mennesker som kjeder seg, med 1 flag og litt bensin. Men jeg tror jeg hadde møtt litt motstand fra folk som syntes det er dumt å sende bensin med posten.

Gledelig flaggbrenningsdag!

Kilde : Ænn Err Kå

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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13 Responses

  1. Nicole sier:

    Does that count only for your country?

    I’m sure the air will get thick around certain areas 😉

  2. oyvind sier:

    Hi Nicole, yeah its unreal. How can we say it is ok to burn other flags but not ours?

    I have received a lot of hatemail for this post already, people haven’t understood my irony. 🙁

    Oh well, their loss.

    • Noel sier:

      well I hope you burn your flags Good Luck, I have found Most of us american even though we have the right to burn our flag choose not to do so but i’ll be sure to burn one of yours for ya.

      And to think, you are so proud of this accomplishment. WOW
      Good luck.

  3. blogzilla sier:

    Not a fan of flag burning and think there are better objects to burn, though we all have our rights.

  4. Chris sier:

    “Nå er begeret nådd”, for å sitere en noget uheldig kåsør.. Hva f.. har dere for “problemer” når dere kan lage en blogg/sak på et emne som dette!?! Lykke til videre i liver!…

  5. oyvind sier:

    Evening Chris, ja jeg er helt enig. Det ble utrolig dumt. Men jeg hadde ikke noe flagg jeg kunne brenne og filme, tenk en post som dette og ingen flammer.

    Takk for hyggelig ønske om lykke. 🙂 Lykke til videre til deg også. Kanskje du kan kjøpe med deg et irsk flagg for meg?

  6. Karl Erfurt sier:

    Wow, this is interesting – I never knew that Norway had a law against burning other countries’ flags. Although it is good that this law is being repealed, your post seems to imply that it’s still illegal to burn the Norwegian flag; if so, that’s pretty silly!

    As silly as it seems, flag burning is actually a controversial issue here in America. There are many people who are trying to make it illegal to burn the American flag, some of whom are even proposing a constitutional amendment to this effect, which would force the law on the entire country and make it very difficult to repeal.

    Of course, as a libertarian I think that this is completely ridiculous. Not only do some people consider it a form of free speech, but there is a more fundamental issue of property rights here. As long as you own the flag in question, you should be able to do whatever you want with it (as long as no one else is harmed in the process). If other people are offended by the small number of flag burnings that actually occur, they can always buy their own flags and use them for decoration.

  7. Tessa sier:

    Hi there… just dropping by via entrecard ^__^

    Hmmm… I never knew that this is legal. Here in the Philippines I think it’s illegal. Just don’t know the law against burning flags of other countries. Though I agree with blogzilla’s opinion. There are other things better to burn…

  8. Dutchboy sier:

    Another step in the right direction. I question the sanity of people who worship their country’s flag. It’s just a piece of cloth to me. There’s so much more to a country’s identity than just the flag.

    In my country it’s illegal to burn or deface all national flags, foreign and domestic, and there are about 20 days in the year when we are allowed to fly the flag. The rest of the year we can technically be fined. Luckily, overzealousness is not a quality our police department look for in their new recruits.

  9. recipe man sier:

    I know this post is actually done in fun, but I never understood the whole flag burning thing.

    You buy the flag and gas with your own money and then set fire to it?

    How is that supposed to hurt the country whose flag it is?

    If anyone wants to burn the British flag, send me the money and I will send you as many flags as you need – and I promise to pretend to be offended when you burn them 🙂

  10. 2.el buhar kazanı sier:

    Is this legal or not, I dont belive it.

  11. oyvind sier:

    I agree Dutchboy, its just a piece of cloth. And many contries burn ours so why can’t we burn theirs. 🙂

    Recipe man I guess its just a way of expressing themselves, like some people are creating dools that look like certain people and burn them.

    Its a weird world buhar 🙂 Merhaba btw

  12. Anon22 sier:

    Maybe i shal buy the american flag and burn it…

    If i buy the old USSR flag or a Nazi flag, it would not be burned, but hanged on the walls in my apartment.

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