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11 Responses

  1. Viv sier:

    I agree with you that this seems like an exorbitant amount for what is surely a very simple logo design! Not long ago, here in the states, our post office got into trouble. Although our postal service was excellent, they began spending too much money promoting what a good job they were doing, and even sponsored the Olympics four years ago. This put them in a very bad light. They then had to cut back on costs and layoff employees, and the postal service here has suffered as a result. I think sometimes the focus is entirely on the wrong things. It should be excellent service and the hard work of the employees that is the focus, not fancy logos and public relations.

  2. That is actually really ridiculous, and a huge waste of resources. And I agree, it doesn’t even look that good, and doesn’t stand out like a postal logo should. When I think of Germany’s Deutsche Post logo, it is bright yellow, simple, traditional, and can be seen whenever you are trying to find a post office, or box.
    Thanks for the post!

  3. Beamer sier:

    It makes you wonder some time just what the hell are the folks running the show, thinking when they pull a stunt like that. It seems governments are great at spending lots of money to accomplish very little. Quite a crazy story.


  4. Marie sier:

    LOL, that is totally insane…2 years to come up with this logo design?
    I could have done this in less than 1 hour for much less!
    It does look that some of their inspiration came from the Death Star 🙂
    Here’s hoping the new logo will work well for the postal service and they get their money’s worth.

  5. Ren sier:

    Try looking up “pokeball”. 🙂

  6. oyvind sier:

    @Ren Lol yeah that was funny.

    @Marie I was actually thinking of you on this, you would do a much better one.

    @Uri I agree, that is a nice logo. With pure thoughts behind it.

    Update : Now they are in trouble, check out this logo 🙂


  7. RennyBA sier:

    I do agree with you and share your frustration. The result seams to be very costly and for very little use. I don’t think the rest of the world will associate that logo with a mail company.

  8. Derly sier:

    Well it’s a real shame this is happening, innocent people having to pay the price is so horrible to me. The prioritties of governed states these days rely on money alone and their people will always come second. In my country the employee costs are great as well since 2000 and well Its an outrage. A stupid logo, because I have to admit the logo doesnt seem as imppressive as the amount of time spend on it, is not worth what it caused.

    By the way thanks for your visit =D

  9. I remember hearing of $100,000 spent on a logo when two hospitals in New York City (NYU Medical Center and Mount Sinai merged (in fact I was there at the time and heard it from good sources). The logo result was simply the name of one institution directly above the name of the other institution – hey, I could have done that, but not for the $40 you mentioned – it would have cost maybe $200, OK? There was also a story that the chairman of those boards (or at least one of the boards) was closer to one hospital than the other and was tired of traveling back and forth.

    Sorry, however, for the 55 million. Perhaps as a consolation prize your logo could be entered in Guiness Book of World Records as the most expensive logo ever. Good idea?

  10. 50 Dollar Logo Stan sier:

    Spending over 55 million dollars and two years is good and bad. Good for the designers and bad for everyone else. Of course some of the two years was probably spent doing research…like watching Star Wars!

    I think there are a lot of great options for companies of all sizes via the Internet. I do not see a major postal companies spending 50 dollars for a logo, but they could most likely get the same result by spending under ten thousand dollars. I have seen people like the guy who created the A&E logo advertise on the net.

    Funny post!



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