Norwegian votes not counted in Eurovision Song Contest

Norwegian votes were not counted due to some technical errors, 1,2 million NOK are lost and they won’t get their money back. I think though after a little fighting they will get their money back – they didn’t get what they bought and there are laws that should cover that.

Bosnia Herzegovina lost a place in the contest due to the error, there are lots of people from Bosnia here in Norway – how will they react to the error? Will they think they live in the same kind of regime as they come from?

It reminds me of Ukraina giving votes to Russia, that was almost comical yet tragic. Is the Eurovision Contest used in political powerplay without people knowing it?

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Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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3 Responses

  1. mike gravdal says:

    Seriøst?!?!? politisk etterspill?? det er snakk om stemmer i en sang konkuranse.. ikke stemmer om bruk av atom våpen eller noe sånt.. hvor dum går d an å bli…?

    • oyvind says:

      Ja er det ikke utrolig? At noe slikt som Grand Prix kan ha så stor makt. Det skulle ikke være mulig men slik er verden blitt i dag.

  2. oyvind says:

    Her er et eksempel, det var ikke langt i fra atomkrig her :

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