I took the swine flu vaccine today

Now that the authorities have opened up for everyone I chose to take the vaccine today. Until now only people in the risk groups were allowed to take it. I went to a nearby vaccine station and were positively surprised by how well it was organized.

To be honest I pictured the opposite because the whole vaccine project has been poorly run, in my opinion. The authorities should allow everyone to take it much earlier, they have the resources. But something weird happened with the delivery of the vaccine, I think the producer struggled a bit to deliver.

Next week I’m going to be in the help group at a vaccine station, Red Cross called me tonight and asked for help. I didn’t have the heart declining because they struggled to cover the shifts.

The authorities in Norway struggle now to get more people to take the vaccine, I think it is because of the authorities’ lack of information – it came too late. People are skeptic because so many people without professional background have written about the vaccine, they have kind of taken advantage of the missing information.

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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  1. Anon22 says:

    Selvfølgelig prøver folk og overbevise slik at flere tar vaksinen.

    Jeg skjønner ikke. Jeg har sikkert fått sesonginfluensa hvis jeg har vært utsatt for smittede. Og siden svineinfluensaen ikker er farlig så ser jeg ingen grunn til og ta en vaksine.

    Jeg risikerer heller 4-5 dager med den nye influensaen enn og være syk i 2 dager etter vaksinen (10% sjangse [VG.no]).

    De med lungeveisproblemer burde jo ta vaksinen.

    Statestikk har vært kjempemorro og sett! Jeg elsker statestikk.

  2. My eldest son is getting it at school tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about it but I think it’s the correct thing to do.
    .-= Ken Armstrong´s last blog ..Eavesdropping on the Movies =-.

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