Weekend trip with 29 kids

I’ve had a great weekend. Once again we travelled with the sport school to Kvamskogen to ski. As usual the kids were looking forward to spend the night at the hut we use to rent. Lovely weather and ski conditions – a great weekend. 29 kids and 7 adults and everything went smoothly, except for a few cars that wouldn’t start. 🙂

Sunday morning, a lot of snow has fallen.

A break at the cafeteria, lunch and hot chocolate.

Our way home was snowy, we had to drive carefully.

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

Born in 1971, fell in love with computing in 1983 because of Sinclair's masterpieces. Continued on the magic surrounding the C64, Amiga and moved to the PC world in 1990. Loves science fiction, programming, astronomy, my family and my job. (developer) :)

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