Our new cityline is opening tomorrow! Heres a video of it

Link to the video: BA – Bybanen minute by minute.

In January 2008 they started building the long awaited Bybanen (Light-rail) in my city (Bergen in Norway) and tomorrow its opening! This is phase 1 which is about 10 kilometer, I think they are starting next phase this autumn. I hope it will reduce the car usage-here. Our Queen will be opening it tomorrow around noon.

Our local newspaper BA (Bergensavisen) joined a ride and filmed it, its worth a check – I think it will be popular among tourists as well. They don’t have any embed-code so I had to include the link. (Its SFW and no ads) The music they’ve used is from local bands.

There is a Wiki-article here on it if you’re interested.

Here is another video, Bybanen minute by minute:

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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  1. JILL W FANEBUST says:

    Milliarder ut av vinduet som kunne vært brukt til forbedring og bygge nye veier i og rundt
    Bergen .


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