On our road to Skynet

I love science fiction and its technology, it triggers my fantasy and it is incredible to see experience that technology has no limits. Like in movies as Terminator, Aliens, I Robot, Bicentennial Man, Running Man, Bladerunner etc, awesome movies, but deep inside I hope we never get there. Though are we on our way there without knowing it or reacting on it?

On My School Account you can check what your children is eating and what they are spending money on at school. You can buy GPS jackets and monitor your child’s movements via Google Maps. This is old news outside Norway but new here, a few days ago they launched a product where you can track your kids via their cell phone, location, messages, contacts and set up their call plan. Is this where we’re going? When I let our kids go somewhere I let them have a cell phone with them so we can call them when dinner is ready, but I’d never use it to track them.

Deep inside I have a fear that something should happen to them but isn’t that a part of life? I feel that the industry is milking money from this fear and more parents jumps on these sollutions. People are even tracking kids via their webcamera.. I know farmers here in Norway who tracks their sheep when their up on the mountains to feed but track children in the same way? I think our kids deserve a better social life.

We make ourself extremely dependent of technology, like Facebook – when Facebook goes down people loose their social life. Its incredible sad. What if the whole Internet would collapse? Like they expect in 2013, what will people do then? Or what will happen if someone can tap into every thing we do on Internet? What will happen when someone makes bad software that attack every unit and service on the net? Like the nuclear power plant in Iran who struggles with a worm these days. Call me silly but I constantly think of Skynet.


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Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

Born in 1971, fell in love with computing in 1983 because of Sinclair's masterpieces. Continued on the magic surrounding the C64, Amiga and moved to the PC world in 1990. Loves science fiction, programming, astronomy, my family and my job. (developer) :)

2 Responses

  1. frihet says:

    Tenk at et vanlig firma tilbyr denne tjenesten.
    Det er jo nesten garantert at etterentningstjenester har benyttet seg av dette i mange mange år.

    Si hade bra til frihet ettersom vi blir mer og mer avhengige av slike ting.

  2. Hufsa says:

    Forkastelig detaljovervåkning av barn! Er det ikke bedre å bygge opp et forhold med gjensidig tillit og respekt? Har fått mitt privatliv trampet på hele livet uten noen grunn, og mildt sagt har jeg ikke et godt forhold til mine foreldre. Om det er det de vil oppnå med å overvåke barna, for all del.

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