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This one is from 4chan (/v/) – yeah you can find nice stuff there as well. 🙂

A guy was working at Gamestop around Christmas and he noticed a kid who came in very single day during the weekends and during Christmas break to play Super Smash Bros Brawl at the Wii kiosk. Hew knew his family, they’re extremely poor. His father worked for minimum wage at a saw mill seven days a week. No one ever dropped him off and he lived three miles away from the store, so he had to walk the distance every day in the cold. He’d usually try to pretend that he was there to browse around, but he always wound up back at the Wii kiosk. He’d never play it when there were too many people around, presumably because he didn’t want to hog it.

He thought about calling up his parents and asking them about it, but he didn’t want to rat the kid out. December 23rd, he comes in right on time. Right before he leaves for the night he grabbed him by the shoulder before he makes it to the door. “Sorry, sorry! I won’t come in anymore”. He didn’t say a thing, just hand the boy a plastic bag and send him out. Inside the bag is a Nintendo Wii, a copy of Brawl that he purchased with his Christmas-bonus, and a note reading “If you get the same thing from your folks on Christmas, just bring it back and I’ll give you a refund. Merry Christmas.

Beautiful story?

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  1. Utrolig flott historie! Poster denne på Facebook, jeg!

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