Visiting Kemer in Turkey – Viking Apart

Dacapo strand kemerThis year we decided to try Viking Apart, Kemer in Turkey, a small town south of Antalya. The hotel Viking Apart was located a kilometer from the beach but there were free buses there. The staff there were very nice, our little one had a blast with them, especially “Ding Ding Mehmet”. 🙂

Turkey has changed a lot since I visited last time, today the shop owners are fined by the police if they bother the tourists too much, so its much more pleasant to walk the streets now.

The weeks were spent on relaxing, in the pool, on the beach, some spa and a short jeep safari with Mustafa. A great guy which I recommend. We also visited the markets, the food market was incredible, and walking around under the tents while hearing prayers from the Mosks created an exotic atmosphere.

The children relaxed in a well maintained swimming pool

The food market

Old ruins near Ovacık Köyü from the Byzantium Empire
ruiner Ovacık Köyü

Turkish evening

tyrkisk aften

Other photos I took 🙂

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  1. Marit says:

    Så fine bilder,fikk lyst å dra til Tyrkia igjen:)

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