Cupri Sulfas – good old days

copper sulfateToday I was reminded about the crystals I once made and I digged up my old jar of copper sulfate – or Cupri Sulfas which I kind of like better. I used to make crystals with it, I always tought that was magic. Have you tried?

I bought 250g at the pharmacy and boiled up water. After boiling it I poured the water and some of the copper sulfate in a bowl while stiring. As much as I could as long as it disolved. Then I waited for a few days and it turned into wonderful crystals. Like these ones:

Copper sulfate

I haven’t made any for a while so I had to find a photo on Wiki – maybe I should try this again soon.

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

Born in 1971, fell in love with computing in 1983 because of Sinclair's masterpieces. Continued on the magic surrounding the C64, Amiga and moved to the PC world in 1990. Loves science fiction, programming, astronomy, my family and my job. (developer) :)

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