To work together in traffic

In all years different groups in traffic have had problems coexisting. When the car came horse-transport had to think new, when the tram came cardrivers and pedestrians had to readjust. Cyclers has been there all the time – why is it that they are the ones ending up getting all the problems?

The number of cyclists has been increasing by a various of reasons, people want to get in shape, one moved faster than cars and buses while other cycle because its fun. The authorities desperately tries to make cycling easier and safer but sometimes they make it worse. The article photo is just a small example of a situation where we have to work together:


If you cycle a lot in Bergen you have probably experienced one of these traps, for instance at the lightrail-station Florida, or along the Kanalveien. At Florida the cycle-field suddenly disappears and you’re on the pavement where lots of people walk to and from the lightrail. If you’re a pedestrian and walk around not noticing the world you will have to rely on the cyclers awareness and carefulness. If you start crossing back and forth its very difficult to know which way you are heading. Even a pling doesn’t help if you walk with music.

So, if you want to show respect for the ones around you in traffic, its best to look to your sides before you starts crossing – even if its on the pavement, since – the authorities has set up this trap.

The challenge in traffic is attitude amplified by the authorities lack of will to invest and understand. How is this in your country?

Its not the one part’s fault – its both! We have to start respecting eachother if this is going to work. Else we will have to isolate every group, like this:

Illustrasjon: Kjersti Magnussen/ Teknisk Ukeblad

Illustrasjon: Kjersti Magnussen/ Teknisk Ukeblad

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