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Sweden doesn’t like Rybak 9

Sweden doesn’t like Rybak

Markus Larsson in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet gave Rybak a 1 for his latest album and called him a violinhobit among other things. He predicted that his fame would be in Norway only and...

Alexander Rybak’s new album 2

Alexander Rybak’s new album

On Friday Alexander Rybak’s new album will be released and it is already receiving both negative and positive remarks. Newspapers give it 4, 6 and 1. The 1 is from Sweden but I guess...

Alexander a new phenomena 0

Alexander a new phenomena

Alexander Rybak, winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2009 is on many toplists now, people are going nuts buying it from iTunes. 70% goes to the owner of the rights and in this case it...