The fight against pirates in the recordcompanies

There is much talk about pirates of these days, pirates from Somalia and the pirates of The Pirate Bay. Today, in about about 1 hour the verdict will fall at Stockholm tingrätt, it’s going to be one of the major events for many today, both supporters and opponents to the TPB.

I have many thoughts about this, both for and against file-sharing, but mostly I think that something must be done with the record industry. The record industry leaders want to become billionaires over night and do not care if artists suffer from bad contracts – should we accept this? I believe that this is core of the debate.

File-sharing will never be beaten, it will always be with us – technical geniuses can always find a way, such as water leaks in a house. A good example of this is when the record companies spend 2 years and several billion to develop a copy protection system and a youngster uses 12 minutes to break it. The day after the copy protection was launched a small code could help you break it. Many could not play the CD in the car or on the computer – it was a mess for the record company industry and they had to eventually change its policies.

In my opinion file-sharing is not only to download free stuff, it is a uproar against the powerful forces that do what they will. When you buy a song or a cd you don’t want to decide how it play it? When you buy a channell-package, satellite or cable – wouldn’t you decide what type of screen you will use? Image that the cable company forced you to buy a 42-inch Samsung to watch your favourite channel, if you had the wrong TV you could not watch it – Would that be OK?

How much is left for the artist on a cd sale? There is not much – the record companies and distribution will take most of the cake. They want to earn big money, it is why they exist – they are not charity organizations. Do they have too much power? What if all artists released their music on the net and placed a ‘Donate’ button next to it, like a known band did? I think the artist would earn more money than ever.

In my opinion,the record companies should either change their prices or they have to reconsider their position – the verdict today will not solve their problem, whatever happens to The Pirate Bay. Hundreds of similar services are out there, TPB is only a pebble in the sky.
Link to articles : DB, VG, SVD, TV2.

Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

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