When music gives me the chills

I’m always on the lookout for moments that gives me the chills, you know – the ones that comes when you’re not expecting it. Especially in the “… got talent”-concept. The other day I found one that gave me multiple chills. A 38 year old man sings in Sweden’s version “Talang” (Talent). He presents himself and say that he comes from Norway. ….WHAT? Awesome I thought, is it a joke or something? Norway and Sweden are like bitter neighbors, we always compete and try to be the best ones. He explains that hes a Norwegian living in Stockholm and that his dreams are getting famous and going on world tours, earning money etc and that hes a tenor.

He seem to be a nice guy and hes a Norwegian in the Sweden got talent show, and hes being warmly welcomed. 1 Chill. When he start to sing another chill arrives, hes a great singer! The judges’ reaction is awesome, people rise and cheers. Another chill. He sings so great that one of the judges start to cry, the well known Bert Karlsson starts to cry, another chill. Hes a entrepreneur, publisher, writer, debater, program leader, publisher director etc and many known artists can thank Bert for their career. Seeing Bert’s reaction is awesome. The judges are so impressed that they ask him to sing another one, then he sing a Norwegian song in Swedish. I just sit and enjoy the show.

Her is the Norwegian Stephen Brandt-Hansen in Sweden’s Talang:

After this incident it has come in the open that Stephen is a performer and is well known. Well, I didn’t know him and I don’t think hes a celebrity. The media writes about “Swedish people boils of anger” because of this. But I just read that the Talang invited him so I don’t think he has do defend himself. Hes got talent! I bet this irritates a lot of Swedes, and I have to admit that I think it is a bit funny..

What do you think?

Links: (Swedish) Expressen, Expressen, Expressen.

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