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Årets verste nyord

Sarah utfordret oss i dag med å finne årets verste / mest pinlige nyord for 2020. Gode nominasjoner hagler inn. Jeg har prøvd å lage en avstemning utifra nominasjonene på Twitter. Skal prøve å...


wanna jump in?

Molly: Wanna jump in? Pondus: Yeah! Or.. I can’t – I’m on a so short leash that Øyvind would follow in then..


Flood in Bergen

The water level on the west coast was extremely high tonight, I took a trip to the city center to watch tonight.

bilde av tre med blomster på i nygårdsparken 0

Spring is here

Finally the spring is here. Though winter wasn’t though this time its always good to be reset by green grass and flowers.


Our Summer Holiday so far

This year we decided to go camping and the kids looked forward to it. We didn’t know exactly where we would go but at least visit a few amusementparks, I also wanted to go...


I slept through this class

One of our stops this summer was in Drangedal, Telemark where we found a school rebuilt as a Bed & Breakfast/boarding house. Awesome experience to sleep over in a class room like this. It...

Marineholmen strand 0

A beach is born

A new beach has been created outside our office – quite incredible! The whole community has been using it since.