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Easter 2018 in Eksingedalen

Det er påske igjen! I år ble vi også invitert til Eksingedalen av svogeren min og kona – de har et fantastisk sted i fjellet nær Gullbrå og Myrkdalen, så vi fikk hjelp fra...


Colortesting Huawei P10 Mate Pro

I’m very happy with the camera on this mobile – its fast and has a lot of fun features and controls. The other evening I wanted to try how it behaves with colors in...


Happy new year!

Happy new year! 2016 was quite a year! Better hold on tight on the spinning planet and prepare for a new one! A lot of weird happenings are in line for us. 🙂

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eZ Conference 2016 in Paris

In October I was allowed to go to the annual eZ Conference, this time in Paris! I was ecstatic, I’ve never been there. But there wasn’t time to be tourist, the program was tight...


Summercamp in Croatia

I am so behind on posting updates its getting silly. But fun for me to look through photos I’ve taken and get reminded of the wonderful trips I’ve been allowed to take. Here are...


Autumn in Venice

I was very lucky and were allowed to attend the Netgen Summercamp 2016; a wonderful week with great colleges from all over the world and a fantastic learning experience. Getting from little Norway to...


Visiting Legoland in Denmark

Visiting Legoland is always magical, this year we spent two days so we were able to cover most of it. The second day was very crowded, they even had to close the gates around...

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A week in Denmark

We had to escape the rain in Bergen and left for a week in Denmark, rented a beautiful place at Jan’s on AirBnB near Haderslev. We drove from Bergen to Kristiansand and took the...