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New rain record in Bergen

It rains a lot in Bergen, its something we kind of like to brag about but its true as well. This may has been very wet, we set a new record the other day...

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This photo is not manipulated

Isn’t it incredible? I can’t imagine the patience this has to take. Its from Georges Rousse’s archive. Heres a view from the side: Another great one:

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When flying time can be seen

Time flies and its difficult to measure it. A good friend of mine likes Ole’s calendar and each year we print out and create these dodecahedron calendars. If you collect them the sight of...

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Visiting a climbing wall

Last Saturday the sports school visited Bergen Climbing Club‘s climbing wall, a 15 meter tall wall with over 50 routes. The kids loves it, I however wouldn’t dare climbing very high.

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If I were a city-planner

The nice thing with living in one of the richest country in the world is that it is possible to create what infrastructure you want that can make a better living for people and...

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Our new cat Findus

The house felt somehow empty without a cat, after a while we started looking for a new cat. Then this little fellow appeared, in Samnanger. We fell for him and contacted the family, now...

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Rolf is gone

Our dear Rolf was hit by a car and died this summer, we were devastated – he was part of the family and will be missed a lot.

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55 mornings with Braathens

I travelled a lot in my previous job, during traveling the Airline-company I used (Braathens) started a campaign giving us poems along with the coffee. I thought I’d share some of them here in...

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Time is money – commuting

As usual I sat on the bus today working a little, reading e-mail, checked out Instagram, read some tweets and enjoyed the view. The only thing that irritated me a little was that I...