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Enthusiasts rebuild old water chutes

I love it when the elders dig up old history and teach us by restoring it. In Bergen old mills built water-chutes to increase flow of water, they were used until WWII and then...

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Beautiful Nygårdsparken

I often walk through this park on my way to work, its being upgraded – look how nice it has become! Its a park from 1800, inspired by British parks.


Byparken, Bergen

Byparken, Bergen, a photo by oyvindlh on Flickr. Testing the share to WordPress-function from Flickr via xml-rpc, who can say no to 1TB storage?

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Finally spring in Bergen

Its finally spring again, the temperature is getting better but it varies a lot. Yesterday we suddenly had 27 degrees celcius and tomorrow we will be down to 8 again. Oh well, as long...

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Christmas lunch in May

Somehow our office-canteen still get hold of this wonderful christmas-soda from Trondheim, it’s one of my favourites. This and the one from Hamar. So today I had a Christmas lunch, with the Norwegian Quick...

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Igor the amazing iPhone artist

Check out this photo by Igor Cheban, he made this on an iPhone using Brushes! Isn’t it amazing? Below the image is a video of how he did it. Btw its not only on...

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Minecraft Bryggen

Happy new year! 🙂 Minecraft is fun and with it I am able to disconnect my brain from anything I like. Heres a little project I have building Bryggen in Bergen. Of course it...