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Jazz-bus 0

A bus with live music

I’m getting older and I’ve experienced a lot, but this.. Being on a bus with a live Jazz-band inspired me and got me thinking.. I haven’t seen it all yet. These guys were great.

Snjo 0

Nice spoon feature

Its fun when producers think of new functionality and features, heres ones of my favourites this week, the Snjo spoon:


Norway last in ESC

Norway came last in this years Eurovision Song Contest, the artist himself takes it with a smile but the whole setting is a bit creepy. NRK was an inch from withdrawing Norway from the...

Bård Breivik 2

Bård Breivik’s tower is up

The tower is up! Bård Breiviks latest work of art is a beauti, I’ll take a few more photos when the ropes are gone. Heres a proud Bård Breivik:


Chaos in traffic today

Winter has come and its chaos in traffic again, as every year. Its embarrasing that we can’t cope with the snow – we’re supposed to be used to this, we even brag that we’re...


Good deed of the week

This one is from 4chan (/v/) – yeah you can find nice stuff there as well. 🙂 A guy was working at Gamestop around Christmas and he noticed a kid who came in very...