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8 01, 2013

Igor the amazing iPhone artist

By | January 8th, 2013|Categories: Life|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

[lang_en]Check out this photo by Igor Cheban, he made this on an iPhone using Brushes! Isn't it amazing? Below the image is a video of how he did it. Btw its not only on iPhone he draws. (link to Instagram below) Mr. Whiskers loves Raspberry Sorbet - Igor Cheban: Link to his Instagram.[/lang_en][lang_nb-no]Sjekk ut dette

6 10, 2011

Bye Steve Jobs

By | October 6th, 2011|Categories: Life|Tags: , , , , , , , |0 Comments

[lang_en]Bye Steve Jobs, it was sad to hear that you're gone. RIP. You really changed the world, we will always remember you. Thanks for iPhone, iMac, iPod, iPad, Pixar, NeXT, AppleTV and all the other wonderful things you achieved. You taught the world that computing need to be intuitive to all, you gave millions of

13 04, 2010

Apple approved the Opera browser!

By | April 13th, 2010|Categories: Technology|Tags: , , |1 Comment

[lang_en]Most people didn't believe Apple would approve the Opera browser from Norway but last night they did! I was certain it would be, because I don't think it will be a competitor to the iPhone's Safari browser. Why? Because webpages are rendered on Opera's servers and therefore the javascript and ajax functionality won't be as

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